Working in Dublin - Commute from Walnut Creek?

We are relocating from Denver, Colorado with our toddler and I will be working in Dublin. We would like to live somewhere with culture, diversity, good schools, safe. Is WC a better fit than Danville or Dublin? I don’t mind commuting a bit if WC is the best fit. We have lived in Berkeley and Oakland in the past and are looking for something more suburban but we love older, unique homes, some history and a downtown. We are foodies and live music lovers so aren’t looking for a place that is too sleepy! Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Welcome back! We have only been here 4 years, moved from the East Coast, and IMHO, between Walnut Creek and Dublin you can't get culture, diversity, good schools and safety in one package. Walnut Creek gives you restaurants and later nights, but not as much history and so-so schools (WC school districts can be confusing; consult a realtor to know exactly which one you'll be in. Most people don't like the Mt Diablo Unified School District, which covers most of WC, but if you can get Acalanes, near Lafayette, that's better). Danville gives you a downtown, a few decent restaurants, and a little history but not diversity and everything tends to close down by 8pm during the week. People like the schools though. San Ramon provides a little more diversity, most Asian, but not a downtown and there's a lot of sprawling developments (so not unique homes), especially in the eastern part of San Ramon. Both Danville and San Ramon are safe. WC will get protests if that bothers you in terms of safety. Also, IMHO, you get a little more house in Danville and San Ramon for your money. 

Pleasanton might be an option. It has a nice downtown and there seem to be older, historic houses. I don't know as much about the schools other than the generic ratings one gets from websites and the diversity seems about average for the valley, nothing like Oakland. Whatever you choose, you may consider living closer to 680 so you can access good restaurants in Oakland and Berkeley. Best wishes on the relocation.