Where to donate women's clothing & prom dresses

Does anyone know of a place I can donate women's clothing that is not for resale?  Would like to avoid Goodwill or other resellers. I also have dresses that could be worn to a prom or fancier events if someone could suggest a place for teenagers as well.  Thank you!

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The North Oakland Free Store, located in the Omni Commons building at Temescal, does direct distribution to unhoused folks and other people in need, for free (as the name implies). They don't generally take kids' clothes, but grownup clothes should be fine (including teenagers), and they work regularly with other mutual aid clothing drives. As far as I know, they don't have a phone number to call since they're a pretty scrappy DIY effort, but I've volunteered with some of the folks before on food drives and found them very pleasant. Shoot them a message on Instagram if you have it, or just stop by if it's convenient: https://www.instagram.com/freestore_northoakland/

For the prom/fancy dresses, contact The Princess Project or Assistance League Bay Area

Dress for Success takes gently used women's professional attire.

Hi, The El Cerrito High PTSA started a Prom Closet last year which was very successful and has become a continuing program. We would love your donation of prom-appropriate clothes and accessories! We do not sell the clothes--students can "shop" the closet for free. Contact the PTSA at elcerritohighptsa [at] gmail.com to donate. The PTSA is a nonprofit so donations are tax deductible. Thanks!

This place, Bloom, is in downtown San Rafael. https://www.bloommarin.org/en/aboutus