Winter Camp for Preschoolers

My son is 4.5, and like many, his school is closed the last two weeks of the year. He's a very active kiddo, so I'd love to enroll him in a camp, even if just for a few hours a day. I am having a lot of trouble finding anything for this age other than Head over Heels (which I am also open to, just looking for options). 

Fullish day or part day is fine with me! Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Berkeley, etc. all great. 


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Hi look into la plazita. My daughters prek does school aged after school and ousd closer days. There is a a capoeira place near my home called Axe that advertises to me camp days that revolve around ousd but I’ve never used them. 

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Swings and Wings in Alameda!

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We had a good experience with kidz to pros in emeryville over the thanksgiving break for our 4 year old. We have signed up for a thingamajigs camp in berkeley this winter break, but I haven't directly experienced that one yet, they may take 4 year olds too but my daughter will be 5. 

I'd love to hear if others liked a winter or summer camp for young kids!

This website is a good resource: