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Does anyone know anything about the Wilder neighborhood in Orinda? We just discovered it and the homes are beautiful. What is it like to live there? Are there still opportunities to build? Pros and cons? Thank you!

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Hi - 

Here are my thoughts:

- it’s a bit isolated; you have to get on the freeway to access schools and stores

- it’s a good value in terms of price per square footage; compared to a 1000sf house in Berkeley selling for $1.4m.

- it can be very cold in evenings when wind and fog roll in

- great amenities with sports fields, pool, club house etc.

- large non-white population (mostly Asian)

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I only know that kids from Wilder will attend Wagner Ranch Elementary and there is a school bus that takes kids from Wilder to Wagner Ranch. Wagner Ranch is impacted and the student population is very big. You are isolated from town and you will need to jump in your car to go anywhere, but the homes are nice and the neighborhood is friendly. Good Luck!