Wifi-knowledgeable person wanted (connecting ADU to main house)

Hi, we have a backyard cottage, and would like to use our Comcast wifi in the cottage as well.  I understand there are various ways this can be done, and we would like to hire someone who can assess our situation and install the system that would work best.  Can you recommend someone for this type of work?  Thanks. 

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I would recommend LMI. They are a local, Berkeley based company and they can help you figure this out.  They came to our house a couple of years ago because we wanted to fully wire the house.  Their technician toured the house with me and patiently answered all of my questions and brainstormed multiple ways to accomplish my goals for internet service.  They also presented options that involved wireless.  You can find them on yelp.  Good luck!

We have an 1896 Victorian with thick, plaster walls, which wifi doesn't like, and my office is in the old carriage house in the back of our big lot, so at least 30ft from the house and I use a Linksys Velop system I bought from Costco and set up myself.  I have three nodes around the house and one in my office, which were not cheap, and I had to upgrade when Covid hit to maintain speeds in my office, but it's been good since then.