Why so hard to get a nannyshare in the north-west East Bay?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying  to get a nannyshare started in Pinole for about the last 9 months and I’m struggling. I feel like once you get north of El Cerrito, shares are less common (although I do see people talk about aging out of a nanny-shares, so I know it’s happening). I’ve posted here a few times and in a Facebook group. I’ve had some interest from Facebook but they backed out. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about how to meet interested families?

Thank you!

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I think it is probably related to lower incomes of the residents north of El Cerrito. Nannyshare is more common in higher-income households, with two high earning parents. You could still pull one together but it makes sense that it's not easy like it is in Berkeley, where it's common to "inherit" a share from a coworker/friend/neighbor.

Agreed with the previous poster, but I'll also add that when our kids were babies, we found many home daycare options in El Cerrito/El Sobrante/Richmond/parts north and very few in Berkeley and Oakland. We couldn't manage driving that far from our Oakland home, so landed in a nannyshare. Many families we knew in similar situations would have preferred daycare but couldn't get a spot in one close to home. I suspect the availability of other care options in your area factors in as well.

If you're up for driving, I'm confident you could find one in north berkelely, albany, el cerrito or kensington.  You just have to be super descriptive about what you're willing to do and not willing to do.  

Hi there - I live in El Cerrito and I'm currently part of a nannyshare in the Richmond Marina area. It's definitely less common up here. For our older son's nannyshare, we wound up working with a family in Berkeley. That was great, but a lot more driving than we would have wanted.

Are you looking to host? If so, are you flexible on that? My only advice is to be pretty flexible on location if you're looking to get a share started soon. There are definitely folks looking in the El Cerrito / Richmond area.

If hosting is critical to your situation, I'd just say keep your line in the water and I'm sure you'll eventually find a family to work with. Maybe you can even offer some advantage like having your nanny handle pickup/dropoff of the other child.

Happy to chat more if you'd like!