Who to contact for tree damage from city sewer easement?

I am wondering if anyone has experience something similar to the following and can provide some guidance.

We came home after the holidays (to our home in Oakland) to find that a very large (~70-80ft) eucalyptus tree fell onto the back of our yard.  The neighbors we thought owned the land that the tree sat on said they believe it's actually not their land but a city sewer easement, so the city should be responsible for removing the tree and repairing the damage to our fence.  We also aren't sure if it damaged any trees on the way down, but are thinking that it would be good to assess this as well.

Has anyone ever dealt with something like this?  Any idea who in the City of Oakland or EBMUD I would call for this type of a matter?  This is the first time we've had to deal with something like this so we have absolutely no idea who to call and would appreciate any and all advice!

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Start with the Alameda County Parcel Viewer and confirm if the land is on a parcel or on a space between (indicating city / public land). Go to the person (or entity) whose parcel it is and have them address the issue. Hopefully it’s clear enough, because your other option is getting it confirmed by a survey. And for that cost, you might as well pay for the tree removal.

It’s on the owner of the parcel to remove and repair. If there is an easement for the sewer, it likely only covers access for the utility with the owner still responsible for the stuff above (the tree). It’s on the owner of the parcel to prove otherwise - they should have documentation of the easement and what it covers in their title paperwork.

If the utility or city own the property or can otherwise be documented responsible, you can contact them to address. For City of Oakland, start with reporting through 311 or See Click Fix. For EBMUD, you need to call and report the issue to them. Get a confirmation number in either case, and hound them until they respond.

Good Luck!