Who can I hire to come childproof my house?

Is there a dedicated service for this? Or someone you’ve used and can recommend from Thumbtack or Task Rabbit or similar? Ideally someone would come and do all the various tasks (outlet cover installation, furniture bolting, etc) needed at our house in one day. A zillion extra bonus points if they would bring their own supplies like bolts and outlet covers. All the posts I’ve found on this are years old so I would appreciate current recommendations! 

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I had a good experience with Beep Beep

We've used SafetyNook Inc. multiple times. Contact Alex at 510-575-1399 or Alex [at] safetynook.net. One time the install didn't happen as we agreed to, I took a photo and emailed Alex about it and he had it corrected right away. And they do bring their own supplies and products. 

echoing the other poster— i have used beep beep (https://beepbeepcarseat.com/baby-proofing) twice. once to baby proof my house and once to install/teach me how to install my car seat. both great experiences, highly recommend.