Where to sell old or custom jewelry

I have 2 sets of wedding bands, one from my mom's first marriage in the 60s (white gold band and engagement ring with tiny diamond), and one from my first marriage in the 90s (18k gold custom made Celtic design with half carat diamond), that I would like to sell, either as is or, more likely, for materials, as my mom's set is not particularly interesting and mine is probably too unique to appeal to many people.  I don't need an appraisal, I just want some ideas of who might buy things like this.  All of the archive info is more than 10 years old.  Thanks in advance!

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I have gone to Selenbacher Jeweler's and SIlver Baron, both on Webster Street in Alameda. At Silver Baron, the owner has a friend who buys the jewelry so you need to call ahead to make sure the friend is around. Sometimes they will buy the jewelry, sometimes they will pay you only for the metal. 

I recently sold a diamond ring with sellyourgold.com. It could not be easier. You create an account and they will send you a mailer and label with free shipping or you can put it in your own box or mailer and print the label at home. You drop it at the post office and within 2 days they emailed me an offer to purchase the ring. I had no idea what the ring was worth, I wasn't trying to make a bunch of money, I just wanted the bad energy of the ring from a broken engagement out of my life. If you accept the offer they will give you your money through PayPal, bank deposit or check. If you don't accept the offer they will send you back your items for free.