Where to sell a good piece of Jewerly and get top dollar for it

I inherited a ring that isn't my style. It might not be anyone's style but the gemstones and materials are very valuable. Its just sitting in a safety deposit box but I was thinking I could sell it and get something I would actually wear. Can anyone recommend a fair and reputable jeweler who occasionally buys rings?

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I recommend Givin Gold on Piedmont Avenue. They've always been fair/reasonable with use - we've had various rings resized and a ring custom made.

Hi- I have recently repurposed jewelry that I was given by a dear deceased friend.  You might consider doing what I did: find a jewelry designer whose work you like.  Bring them your jewelry and you can collaborate with them on a new piece incorporating the materials from your inherited piece.  Unused gold, for instance, can be resold by the jeweler and the proceeds allocated to the cost of your new custom piece. It's a really nice way to retain the emotional value and the material essence of your inheritance.

 We just sold a big lot of jewelry to Jahan Diamond Imports in San Francisco, which we inherited from my mom. We are 3 siblings and agreed that since none of us would use the pieces to consolidate them. My brother the trustee had the pieces appraised and evaluated and also got a few quotes from other jewelers. The best offer was from this company. They were transparent in the whole transaction. Payment was not a problem for them either. Here their phone number 415-956-6391. 

I also inherited some jewelry and sold them for a good price at Selenbacher Jewelers and Silver Baron in Alameda. Both very honest. Call ahead first.