Where to go dancing with kids

My kids are 7 and 9, and they love to dance - in the kitchen, in the car. I'm wondering about local community spots where kids can dance along with adults. I know there are some soul motion/ ecstatic dance type events, but I don't think kids are allowed at most of them. I'm looking for something that would feel inclusive and not too overwhelming. Any advice is appreciated! 

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Soul Sanctuary in Berkeley on Sundays at 11am at Ashkenaz is very sweet and family-friendly.

Expect families, solo-Berkeleyians, scarves, natural objects, coloring materials - an open dance floor and respectful and playful adults. It’s very “Berkeley.”

There are different DJ’s and musical themes — every week is different!


It’s donation-based and run by volunteers. You can pay for someone else’s future dance!

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Ahkenaz is all ages all the time.  A wide variety of music and dancing almost every night of the year (and weekend days, too). You'll want to look over the options on their website calendar, and consider ear protection in some cases, but kids are often seen there.


I've also heard of - but don't know much about - Luna Dance, which seems to offer parent-child dance opportunities.


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Ashkenaz in Berkeley has some open dance time on Sunday mornings


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Soul Sanctuary at Ashkenaz in Berkeley might fit the bill. I went there with my 6-year-old daughter who loves to dance. There were children and adults dancing, friendly people, relaxed atmosphere. It's every Sunday 11-1.

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Hi - Do you know about Daybreaker? https://www.daybreaker.com/  Sometimes their events are 21+ (based on rules of the venue) but often they are all ages, though I haven't seen many young kids there, it's a very accepting and fun scene where I think kids would be welcome.  I can't remember how loud the music was but you might want ear plugs for them just in case? The only problem might be the timing - occasionally they have an evening or weekend dance party but most are 7-9 am on a Friday...

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Oakland Museum on Friday evenings...check their website..they may be on winter break