Where to get edible photo for cake

Does anyone have advice on where to purchase an edible photo for a half sheet cake? I am thinking of getting a cake from Costco and adding an edible photo. 

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Not sure where to buy just an edible photo but I have seen cakes from Red Ribbon Bakery with edible photos. They have locations throughout the Bay Area. 

Safeway (bakery section in the store) on Shattuck and Rose in Berkeley does.  You supply the photo and they put it on the cake on full or half sheet.  I put in an order and they did the cake with only 3 days notice.  Taste like a sheet cake from Costco (in other words, nothing fancy and super sweet).  I've gone to them two years in a row, and I have been satisfied.  Hope this helps.  

A few years back we got a photo cake from Lucky’s in El Cerrito. It was well done and yummy too!