Where to Find Used Big Boy Clothes??

Serious question! I have a 10 yo boy, and never ever see used boy clothes in big sizes at rummage sales, swap meets, etc., much less at secondhand stores like Chloe's Closet. I am able to stock my younger girl almost entirely secondhand, and end up having to buy boy stuff new. What do parents do with their used boy clothes in sizes 10 and up??? This is past the age where they get all torn up, with ripped knees, etc.!

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I'm pretty sure I've seen tween boy sizes at Goodwill, although it sounds like you've done your research so maybe I'm wrong on that. I take stuff that size to Goodwill or give it away via NextDoor, Freecycle, etc. In fact, I have a box of boy 10-12 stuff ready to donate now - if you're interested in it, please msg me.

I have a 17-year-old boy.  His clothes are all torn up before he outgrows them, with the possible exception of jackets.

I suggest connecting with a family who has a boy a few sizes larger than your own and let them know you will happily take any hand-me-downs. I have a teenager who still grows out of clothes (and in excellent shape - some rarely worn!) and I contact a mom of 2 younger boys I know through our old school and she happily takes them. Sometimes you just let to know someone you are interested.

What size is your son?  If a size  behind my son I'd be happy to pass down.

Check with the local LDS temples.  Many have quarterly clothing swaps.  The larger sizes are harder to find, but they are often there.  Otherwise I shop sales, swap.com, and thrift stores.

OP here and thank you to the posters. For other parents in the same boat, Thrift Town can be okay but I don't often have the time to devote to the treasure hunt there, only make it 1-2x year nowadays. I didn't mention that I have had a swap arrangement with another family at our school in the reverse direction (they took our used boy clothes and I got their used girl clothes), but since they moved away I have had a hard time finding another family where the sizes work in either direction. But I am absolutely open to an ongoing arrangement and currently have a girl wearing 8 (so looking for 8-10, and have clothing in 6-7 girls to pass along) and boy wearing 10 (so looking for 12+, and have boys' size 8 to pass on). Can do pick up/drop off anywhere from Berkeley north, so please contact me if interested! I am happy to pay for a bag of used boys' size 12. Thanks!