Where to donate cord blood?

I'm interested in possibly donating cord blood when I deliver in the new year. I'll be at Alta Bates and was wondering if they have a program (it looks like they used to?) or if there's another path to donating cord blood. I do not plan on banking it for personal use.

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I donated my cord to the public bank, Alta Bates can give you all the information. In case, the chance that that CAN extract useful material is low: they were not able to do so in my case.

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Just an FYI- (sorry I can't answer  your original question) but in the slight chance you lived in Europe in the 80s... they won't accept your cordblood because of the possibility of Mad Cow disease. I went through an hour of paperwork and questions while laying in my hospital bed hours after an emergency C section and in the end was told "no" because I lived in Europe while a teenager. 

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Hi there!  I looked into cord blood donation when I delivered back in October 2017 (which was also at Alta Bates).  From my research into the non-profit that takes the donation, Alta Bates' procedure leaves the cord attached too long for it to be able to donated, but maybe if you tell them you're donating, they cut it sooner.  There are many benefits into the delayed cord cutting.  Also, the questionnaire that has to be submitted to the company is crazy long and has many requirements.  Not to mention, they only pick up on specific days.  If you don't deliver on the days they pick up, your donation can't be used.  These are some things that I came across.  Here is a link from Be The Match that may provide some additional information https://bethematch.org/support-the-cause/donate-cord-blood/how-to-donate...

Good luck and congrats!

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I gave birth at Alta Bates in September and asked a similar question. I was looking at Chord for Life as a donation option. However I then found out about all the health benefits to your child if the cord blood is drained to them after birth before cutting the umbilical cord. This is also Alta Bates practice.

But, if you still want to donate you need to bring your kit to the hospital and notify the doctors. It also has to be Monday through Friday when you give birth (which you usually have no control of!).