Where to donate a beautiful comforter cover?

We have a beautiful cover for a queen-size comforter that we got at Earthsake several years ago. Sadly, it has started to fray on the end to the point where it is not useable and we had to replace it. Apart from the edges, it is such a beautiful piece of fabric (silk and cotton, I think) that I'd like to donate it to someone or someplace that could make good use of it. For instance, if someone cut the ends off, it could be remade into a twin-size cover. Are there organizations that would be interested in receiving donations of nice fabric like this? Thanks for any suggestions!

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The fabric store on Shattuck in downtown Berkeley (Stonemountain & Daughter) has a bin for fabric donations.  The bin is free for anyone to look through.  I have gotten some lovely pieces of fabric from it.

You can post it here under free stuff (marketplace) and I bet someone would love it.

I totally understand about wanting objects to have a new home where they will be used and appreciated.

- Kindred Spirit