Where to celebrate a first birthday?

Hello everyone, my son will turn 1 end of February and I'd like to invite several people but our house isn't big enough. I am not planning on doing anything fancy but it's also too cold to meet in a park. Would anyone know of a location that is not too expensive? We will have a few older kids too but I don't think it makes sense to book a birthday location with a 2-hour program, since they all focus on older kids. Any recommendation welcome, thank you

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Hi Iris,

You could consider the El Cerrito City rental facilities, like their club house.  Here is their link:  https://www.el-cerrito.org/619/Facility-Rental  I've never actually rented any of their facilities but I feel their more afforadble than most venues in the east bay area. 



I don't have any recommendations but I am also interested in any replies you may get. My baby will turn 1 in March and I'm at a loss for where to have a low key birthday. I would love to just go to a park but alas the weather can be unpredictable!

Sports basement in Berkeley has a community space that can be booked for free.