Where can we visit Santa?

Can anyone recommend places where our toddler can meet Santa Claus? Are there any malls with a good Santa?

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Fairyland always has a Santa, and he sticks around a few days after Christmas. And their Winterland nights are fun for little kids.(https://fairyland.org/events-and-performances)/winterland/).

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The Solano Ave Merchants hold a winter “stroll-ish” (reminiscent of the larger September Stroll when Solano is closed to cars for the Sunday after labor day) in December and there is a free santa visit site that day. 

RE: Where can we visit Santa? ()

This is a bit late, but for posterity: Father Christmas (santa) visits the Dicken's Fair on the weekends leading up to Christmas, you can fine the schedule on their website. Black Santa made a great appearance at City of Berkeley's new pancake breakfast with Santa at France Albrier Community Center (it was free this year at least). He also visits Fairyland certain nights during Winter Fairyland in December, and most nights in December at Glowfari at the Oakland zoo. We've seen Santa at all these locations. I also hear he does a pancake breakfast (for a fee) at the Tilden Carousel but have never been, it sounds fun!