Where can we find tae kwon do?

My 10-year-old daughter got really into tae kwon do while we were overseas and I am looking for a place where she can continue taking it in Berkeley/Oakland. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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My kids took Taekwondo at UC Berkeley's Rec Sports for a couple of years and had a good experience. They have youth classes at the RSF on Tu/Th afternoons, and I think they also offer martial arts summer camps. Here's the website: https://recsports.berkeley.edu/martial-arts/

RE: Where can we find tae kwon do? ()

It's not in Berkeley/Oakland, but I highly recommend TG Taekwondo in Albany (on San Pablo near Solano). The owner and staff are super friendly, and they have classes for all levels and all ages. My son has really progressed there. They really care about each student and challenge them at the right level, without being too strict.