Where can I purchase flower leis for graduation in east bay?

I've seen these at graduations but hard to find where to buy - any leads on where to buy beautiful flower leis for an upcoming graduation in Oakland, San Leandro or Alameda? TIA!

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Oakland Flower Mart. 821 Jefferson St, Oakland, CA 94607

At least for Oakland Tech graduations, there are several flower vendors who line the street to the auditorium starting a couple hours before the event, selling leis for about $20.

I think most florist shops have leis in May and June. Call around. 

You might give Costco San Leandro a call. I’ve seen orchid leis in their flower case during graduation season.

Costco is where we got our graduation leis.  

Or J. Miller's on Piedmont and Pleasant Valley Road (enroute to the Mountain View Cemetary).

Whole Foods usually gets them the week of graduations. Give the Oakland store a call to make sure they will be carrying them this year. 

I've bought flower leis (and flower arrangements) at Montclair Florist. They do beautiful work.