Where can I order an ice cream cake?

Is there anywhere in (or near) Berkeley where I can order an ice cream cake...that isn't Baskin Robbins?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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We get one every year for daughter at Ben and Jerry’s in downtown Berkeley. Wonderful!

Try Loards ice cream! 

Lexie's frozen custard is amazing. At the moment they are offering frozen custard pies (as well as pints) for delivery. Not sure if they'd do a special order cake, but maybe the pie would work. 


Menchie's in Berkeley sells cakes and is open (technically frozen yogurt but still yummy). https://www.menchies.com/cakes

Ben & Jerry's! You can even order online and design your own. The best!


We’ve gotten ice cream cakes from Tara’s in the past.


The shops are currently closed for COVID but they have a Saturday pick-up option.

Fenton's in Oakland.