Where to buy pandan leaves

On the occasion that I am lucky enough to get a thai massage, the place I go serves pandan leaf tea. It is delicious, but I am at a loss as to where to get it. I tried one Asian market on San Pablo, but they had no idea what I was talking about. Has anybody heard of this tea and/or knows where to get it around here? Oakland/Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area. Thank you.

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I was curious about this tea leaf so I googled it. Its available on Amazon. Alternatively you can get a small plant to grow, that wasn't too expensive. 

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99 Ranch or the Viet markets in Eastlake/Oakland might have it in the frozen section, maybe Indian market. Pandan, pandanus, screwpine.

It is called Ambemohor pat in Marathi; Ramba in Tamil, Biriyanikaitha in Malayalam, pandan wangi in Indonesian, hsun hmway (ဆွမ်းမွှေး) in Burmese, pandan in Tagalog, ใบเตย bai tooey in Thai, rampe in Sinhala, ស្លឹកតើយ sleuk toi in KhmerDaun Pandan in Nonya cooking,[3] Lá Dứa thơm/lá nếp in Vietnamese, 香草 ("Xiāng cǎo") in Chinese and बासमतिया पौधा [bɑːsmət̪ɪjɑː pɑʊd̪ʱɑː] "fragrant plant" in Magahi and Bhojpuri due to its fragrance.