Where to buy glasses for children?

We found out that our three year old needs glasses. We would really like to take them to a place where they can try on the glasses that is kid friendly and has a decent selection. Recommendations are greatly appreciated, thank you! 

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UCBerkeley's Eye Center https://eyecare.berkeley.edu/ has a pediatric clinic for appointments and their eyewear center has a good selection of kids' glasses. There's a teeny tiny playground in the back (like 1 small play structure) that was somewhat helpful while waiting too. Good luck!

My 19-year-old daughter started wearing glasses when she was 11 months ;) We had the best luck with the UC Berkeley optometry center. They were kid-friendly and had a good selection and super helpful when glasses broke (which happened a lot! Eventually I learned to spend the money on the special "bendy" frames when she was young)

Her eye doc was in SF and he always recommended Rims and Goggles in the city, which really caters to kids.

Good luck!

Albany/Berkeley optometry on solano worked for us. Also your child’s ophthalmologist should have referrals. 

Maybe after the first pair of glasses at a brick and mortar shop, consider online. We've used Zenni and the prices are very low. (Quality is lower but worth the tradeoff for the price.) Which has been helpful because kid's vision, at least mine, change often. I would stick to simple prescriptions.

The Art & Science of Eyewear in Lafayette was where I first took my daughter when she was prescribed glasses. $350 later, she smashed them on the playground so I went to target optical after that and was really happy with the service and price.