Where are the speech therapists hiding?

I have a 5 year old who needs speech therapy for articulation and are currently at Seven Bridges but is starting Kinder in a few weeks and there are no therapists with openings during the after school time. I've now looked around for other clinics but can't find many places and none with availability. Where are they?! Any therapists or clinics you could recommend that are between Berkeley and East Oakland? We can't go east through the tunnel because of afternoon traffic so Orinda and further is out. We are not with Kaiser but do have PPO insurance so we aren't particularly limited. Thanks for any leads.

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If she has availability, we had a good experience with Nathalie Sanchez, SLP. Even though she's in Albany, we did virtual sessions because of Covid restrictions at the time. I had my reservations about the effectiveness of virtual sessions but she really took the time to connect with my child and was able to make good progress. nspeechtherapy [at] gmail.com 

Would they be eligible to receive speech therapy through the school district?

My son, currently does both seven bridges (one of those valuable after school slots!) and he get 30 mins through OUSD/his IEP.

We absolutely loved our speech therapist (Carol Lettko Email: Carol [at] ceid.org) that we worked with through CEID in Berkeley. Your child does not have to go to the school. http://www.ceid.org