When is the best time of year a nanny to look for a new job?

We have a wonderful, loving nanny that has been with us for 2.5 yrs. In order to save a on expenses, we are considering a switch to an au pair. Given how much we care for our nanny we'd like make the switch when there will be other good nanny opportunities for her. I am tentatively thinking to make the switch in early 2020, and was thinking that may be a good time that many people are looking for nannies (typically a lot of September/October babies will be 3-4 months then..). 


Thanks for your advice. We really care for our nanny so want to make sure she ends up in a good situation. 

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I'm not sure there's a "good time" in the way that you're thinking about it--at any given point in the year, you'll have a crop of new babies turning 3-4 months with families looking for care. The one time I'd avoid is late summer/early fall--that's when many kids head off to preschool so many, many nannies are looking for work then. Being a little off season (which could mean January or March or even May) can be beneficial since there won't be as many other people actively looking for work. The best thing you can do is to help get the word out to friends and neighbors, since in my experience that's the single biggest factor in how easily nannies find their next positions.