What's happening with Yogalayam?

Has anyone been going here lately? For what classes? Or, have you heard if it's closed? I have tried more than once to stop by to classes on the old schedule, but the door has been locked. I've tried emailing, and gotten no repsonse. I figured it was closed, but then I left a message, and got a voicemail back from Swathi a couple of months ago! Still no idea what if any courses are happening, though.

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Same, about 6 months ago, door was locked but lights were on.  No response to my email to Saraswathi.  I hope all is well with her.

The postnatal classes are going! But I know that they have a preschooler class on their schedule and it is not happening, so clearly the schedule is not up to date!

The lovely post-natal yoga classes with Saraswathi are going strong, tuesdays and fridays at 10 if it's not a holiday, the door is unlocked.