What is the going rate for occasional babysitting these days?

We are about to let go of our long time nanny and I'm hoping to hire her for the occasional babysitting evening or morning drop off, but I know she would like her hourly rate to go up. What are people paying for babysitting hours these days? Thank you!!!

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About $25 an hour.

It’s gotten expensive! We pay $30 for a college student to watch two kids and one parent is often home at the same time. For more of a nanny role, we’ve been hearing 30-35/hour for one kid and 30-40 for two. 

Currently paying $25 for my 6 year old when he’s solo, $30 per hour when it’s both kids (6 and 10) . Often it feels like a lot to me but I couldn’t find anyone lower than $25 (for some sitters that was for two kids but most wanted more)