What do kids do for dentist when they go to college?

My son's next dental checkup is due after he'll (hopefully) be off to college in the fall, and it occurred to me that I don't know how other parents handle this. Do you just schedule appointments during school breaks when they're likely to be home, or find a local dentist near college? During my own college years I just went 4 years without visiting the dentist, but in retrospect that wasn't the best choice! Please tell me how your college kids get dental checkups. Thanks!

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We scheduled visits for breaks. That sometimes means going longer than 6 months to get the schedule to fit. There comes a time when they don't come home every summer and winter and though, then I would have them see the dentist whenever we did get a visit from them.

We have our college-aged kids visit the dentist when they are home for breaks/over the summer.  We just switched them both from their pediatric dentists to our dentists as well.  It generally works.

If they go to UC and opt for the UCSHIP insurance, it includes dental and they get referred through the student health center. Or, if you have a plan like Delta Dental, there are dentists all over. Or, scheduling for break could be best if you want to really make sure they go!