What can I eat before an early morning workout?

My schedule has changed and I suddenly have no time for exercise except early in the morning. I’m someone who usually eats breakfast as soon as I get up and don’t feel like I have any energy until I do. Does anyone have a recommendation for something I can eat that will give me the energy to work out without making me feel like I’m doing so while trying to digest a snack? I’m trying not to eat processed foods so a bar is not my preference unless it’s mostly made of real food. Thanks so much!

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I used to need food before morning exercise and trained myself away from it (after many low-energy workouts). Before then, I would eat a piece of cheese or a spoonful of peanut/almond butter. Both are high protein and high fat so they gave me enough energy to move, but were easy (for me) to digest. Incidentally this is also part of my anti-hangover strategy.

My go-to for many years is a banana. Perfect for giving energy without weighing you down.

Sliced banana, pear, or apple with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter fuels all my morning runs! 

I would eat a light snack with water. Fruit (bananas are good/filling) & some form of carbohydrate, like granola or even Cheerio-type cereals. After your workout, then eat whatever you prefer & get your proteins.

Maybe a tablespoon of peanut butter, or a handful of almonds?

I don't have many good suggestions for snacks, but I used to feel the same way about you regarding eating as soon as I got up.  But I decided to just try with the new exercise schedule, and after a few days, I no longer had any issue with not eating first.  It's possible that your body can adjust pretty quickly, even if the first day or two isn't totally pleasant.

I am in the same boat. I typically drink a glass of orange juice before a morning workout! and maybe some soy milk (homemade "orange julius"), or a frozen blueberry or banana smoothie. It's enough to get my blood sugar and energy levels up,  but not enough where I feel sick. 

2 spoonsful of Greek yogurt (2% Fat Fage) with frozen blueberries. The protein from the yogurt and the sugar from the blueberries is enough to keep me satiated but it's not super heavy. Or I just keep hydrated during the workout and then eat after the workout

I also like to eat first thing in the AM, then I might go for a run. I have a small glass of warm water to start rehydrating, then my go-to is a large spoonful of sunflower butter (TJ's in my case) spread on a banana (whole or half, depending on how I feel). Gives my body some quick energy and longer-burning energy and seems to sit well in my stomach.

I don't always eat before my 5:30am workout, but when I do, I tend to grab a handful of almonds or mixed nuts - for bars, Larabar is nuts + dates + fruit (no sugar, no more than 5 ingredients usually) so half of one of those might also tide you over. Over time your body will adjust to the new routine, and post-workout breakfast (and if you're like me, COFFEE) will be such a treat. Good luck!

I usually eat 1-2 slices of whole wheat bread. You can experiment with a drizzle of honey or some butter. I find the bread helps me feel satisfied, and is easy to digest.