WFH setup advice in a 1-bedroom w/ nanny

Hi! I'm starting a new remote job 2/13 and trying to figure out how to setup our space. We have a 1 bedroom and are finalizing a nanny for our 8-month old son soon. We live in duplex that has a living and dining space connected through an open archway. We also have a fairly large kitchen that has a door. 

I know that if my son sees me, he won't be able to bond with our nanny. What are creative solutions families WFH have used in a 1-bedroom home when also having a nanny?

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I have an 8 month old with a nanny right now. They start off the day at our house, but that's just so she can take her first nap (in the bedroom). After that, they immediately pack up for the park, and the second nap of the day happens in the park. They don't come back til it's basically the end of the day. In my experience, parks are more fun for the little ones and also nice for nannies as there are often other nannies with kids for parallel play and comraderie. When it rains, they will stay indoors more of the day, or head to Petco or library.

So could you perhaps plan for a park-centric approach?