Wesley Tay, MD, at Kaiser Pinole (or someone else?)

Hi there.  My son needs to choose a new Kaiser doctor, ideally in Pinole (Richmond also is fine).  Dr. Tay in Pinole looks good from his online profile, but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts they'd be willing to share.  Many thanks, if so!  (Or, if you have someone else to recommend, I'm all ears.  We'd like a personable, knowledgeable, male family-medicine doctor who doesn't mind giving reasonable amounts of advice by e-mail, can work with a very shy teen who's not eager to talk about medical issues, and is willing to refer things to specialists when necessary.)

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Dr. Tay is the primary for both my son (17) and my husband. He is patient, personable and fun, explains things well, and communicates easily by e-mail. Guessing he can easily do telemedicine appointments (highly recommended these days!) He gives options and does not immediately push for tests or treatments - but has written prescriptions when needed. We like him a lot!