Wellness Retreat (or analog) during Covid?

I am normally an active, happy, high-functioning professional and parent, but am really struggling with all aspects of life at the moment.  I desperately need a total re-set to get back on track physically, mentally, and professionally.  Normally I would try to find some kind of meditation and physical wellness retreat to physically get away for a short time and get some perspective.  But right now, it seems like everything is virtual.  Can anyone recommend something like a meditation and yoga retreat, or 1:1 coach for these things, or program, or something, anything, that might help?  I would appreciate it very much.

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I have been seeing Jeri Lawson off and on for years: https://jerilawsonhealingtouch.com. She practices healing touch and Reiki. She does an absolutely amazing job of helping "reset" my body. These days she is doing healings virtually, which I know is not ideal. You set aside an hour and get comfortable while she does the healing on you remotely. She talks with you before and after on the phone and/or you can be on Zoom during the healing. I know it sounds crazy but I really feel like it helped. I have a really difficult 10-month-old and this is the only thing that kept me functioning. Just talking with Jeri will cheer you up!

Not sure if you’re considering travel out of state, but Ojo Santa Fe and their sister property Sunrise Springs near Albuquerque is open with limited occupancy. I went a couple of years ago and their meditation and yoga classes and hot springs soaks were just what I wanted. Their prices were surprisingly affordable compared to other retreats I looked at. I was there only for a weekend and wish I could’ve stayed longer, but it was well worth it.