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I'm looking to start with a new primary care physician who takes Aetna insurance and specializes in weight loss struggles for women, and I'm open to trying whatever it takes as I'm at a loss and it's really affecting my health in terms of joint pain and I fear could lead to diabetes and heart issues due to my body type and family history. I eat practically a vegan diet with little to no sugar and exercise regularly (including strength training), but I believe that my weakness is really that I enjoy eating and struggle to limit my quantities and at 50 years old, 5' 3", and struggling to stay below 170 lbs, I feel that as I age this will only get worse unless I find some real support and solutions. And while I love and appreciate alternative health providers around this area, in this case, I really prefer to work with a licensed physician or dietitian (please no 'nutritionists'), so recommendations in that vain are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You may want to consider a weight loss coach. A lot of weight loss is about creating new habits and creating new cues to replace old ones that prompted you to overeat. Coaches can help you set manageable goals and work on the psychological part of it. I’ve never met a physician who would be any good at that side of it. 

Check out MD Weight Management, in SF on Clay  St, you can find this program by googling.  Several years ago, my doctor referred me to this program due to being obese, and insurance covered it.  There's a website.  It's run by a doctor and science-oriented.  Expensive and high commitment.