Weekend activity for an active 3yo


I am looking for recommendations for my active 3yo. She loves to dance, jump, run and tumble. I am looking for something where she can feel challenged and gain confidence, while having fun. We’ve been doing ballet and honestly I feel they take it too seriously (I’d prefer more dancing and less technique…literally 1st position, 2nd position…half the class is technical drills! she’s only 3!!) and the teachers consistently lose engagement from most of the kids yet keep going. Open to any ideas that could engage my active and joy filled child. This is for fun!

she’s also super into crafts so in lieu of the above, something crafty could also keep her amused. 

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Gymnastics comes to my mind. Head over heels has a preschool class. Swimming tires kids out fast and it’s fun! How about soccer? 

Consider Destiny Arts Center- they have a "teddy bears" dance class for young kids. They do dance and martial arts but are really a youth development org, so the kids gain some technical proficiency, but the emphasis is more on their engagement and well-being.



We are taking classes with this kids rugby club it is super cute. Never heard of rugby, a friend told me about it. They might be full for their 2nd winter session but will have dates for next session soon. We will be signing up again. It’s in Castro valley which may be kind of far. 

We do gymnastics through Golden Bear Youth at Cal and it’s great. It doesn’t tire out my 3.5 year old but it’s fun. We have a Sat AM morning class and after we go to a free art class at the West Berkeley Library branch on University, which is drop in 11-12:30pm. It takes care of the morning!