Weekday evening prenatal fitness in Berkeley or Oakland?


I am interested in any and all prenatal fitness classes (yoga, Pilates, dance, whatever!) that are available during weekday evenings after work. The best place I have found is barefoot movement in downtown Oakland which has two weekday evening classes on Tuesday and Thursday, but I wish I could find something available Monday, Wednesday, Friday! I’m starting to notice the difference when I have 4-5 days in between classes if I have to miss one and would love more options. Sadly, most studios seem to cater to mothers who don’t work with classes during M-F work hours which is such a bummer for me.

Thank you!

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Not prenatal-specific, but Core Society in Emeryville has late (7:30PM) reformer classes monday-wednesday. I went there every week until the last week of my pregnancy so I can highly recommend it. The movements are low impacts and the instructors know very well how to modify the movements for pregnant ladies. 

I took prenatal yoga classes at the Berkeley YMCA (Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm) this spring and loved it. The teacher, Viviana, also teaches prenatal yoga on Fridays at 5:45pm at Heart Source in North Berkeley. 

I've been enjoying the prenatal yoga classes with Square One Yoga! I go to their El Cerrito location, but have also been to the Oakland location. Both teachers were very nice and I liked their style. 

The Lotus Method in Oakland has great pre and post natal classes.