Water heater - Failed again. Looking for quality brand that will last

I've had it with water heaters.  We've lived in our home for 22 years.  And in those 22 years we have had to replace the water heater 6 times.  (Last 2 didn't even last 3 years.)  I've purchased GE, Rheem, and AO Smith, Sears/Kenomre and always by the one with the longest warranty.  Brand doesn't seem to matter, they all prematurely fail.  And it's not just at my house either.  I've have rental property and for 10 year only had to replace one or two.  But in the last 10 years I have replace 12.  And like for my house I've buy the ones with the longest warranties.

​Last night my tenant who has a 3 week old baby called to say the water heater is leaking all over her kitchen floor.  Sure enough the tank failed leaving her with no hot water.  This water heater had just been replaced 2.5 years ago and has a 12 year warranty.  (Previous water heater lasted over 20 years.)  What's with these well known American selling products that fail prematurely?

I prefer tank water heaters over tankless.  Should there be an earthquake I will have several days worth of water in the tank.  And if there's a power outage there will be hot water with a tank water heater.  Would not have any hot water with a tankless because they re quire electricity. 

Anyone else find water heaters just don't last anymore?
​Any recommendations on brand of water heaters that will last?

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I would recommend a tankless water heater that operates on gas, as mine does, and buying some 5 gallon jugs to store water in for earthquakes.  While the water heater is a resource for water in an emergency, storing your own water is just as easy.  This one reason should not keep you from going with a gas tankless.  There are 10 people in my house.  I installed my tankless gas water heater over ten years ago.  NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM EVER.  You may need a plumber to install a gas line, but if you have a gas dryer, you can install it on the exterior of the building, adjacent to the dryer area to limit the run to plumb gas to the water heater.  Your heater is causing never ending problems, probably is costing you a lot of money, and the only reason you won't go tankless (because it can be gas powered) is to have water in an emergency?   There are better options...

From a happy single mother with a large family, and tenants, all of whom share one tankless, gas powered, water heater.