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I am hoping to get some updated reviews for water filters. I am interested in hearing about whole house filters and just drinking water/ under the sink filters that can also be connected  to water/ice from fridge. Aside from how good the filtration is, I am also interested in getting one that doesn’t require frequent changes of expensive filters. Thanks 

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I am very happy with my Aquasana whole house filter. The water from my area's water company is treated with chloramine, a corrosive chemical that was damaging my water heater, plumbing fixtures, and water using appliances, not to mention doing a number on my family's skin and hair (several of us have very sensitive skin that responds with outbreaks of eczema). Aquasana is one of the few water filtration companies that has a product to filter out chloramines.

My system has a small pre-filter and post-filter on either side of the main filter. In over 6 years, I've replaced the main filter once (plumber required). I change the small filters more frequently, depending on the quality and quantity of water going through them. During the summer months of the drought years, I had to change them frequently, as often as every month (yikes!), but I've been able to go as long as 4 months at other times. The company now makes bigger pre- and post- filters for less frequent maintenance. The canister that holds the filter is clear, so I can see just how much they have accumulated.

The pre- and post-filters are easy to change, once you get the hang of it, and relatively affordable. Aquasana has a "water for life" program that gives discounts on the filters and ships them out at regular intervals (set by me). I highly recommend the Aquasana whole house water filtration system.

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There is no need for a whole house water filter.  We get some of the best water in the world.  It comes straight from the Sierras.  Nothing could be better.  And as I recall in water taste tests from around the world, our water has been rated if not the best, in the top 5. 

If you think you still need a filter, the ones which used less expensive cartridges have been outlawed as they consume way too much water.  I think for every one gallon of filtered water 9 gallons of water were wasted.  As a result the newer ones require frequent filter replacement and require an AC outlet.  So instead of wasting 9 gallons of water you'll have to pay for the electricity to filter your water.  

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We've been very happy with our AquaPure under-sink filter, which we use only for drinking/cooking water.  It can also be installed to be connected to the ice maker, but we opted not to do that since our fridge already has one. .  We had it installed with a Kohler faucet (didn't like the AquaPure one as much, and the Kohler one matched our other kitchen faucet), and had longer connecting hoses added to make it easier to change the filter.  The replacements are kind of pricey, but only need to be changed yearly (and to be honest, we often stretch that a bit, with no apparent issue). We've had it since 2006, and so far so good.

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You should check out Hydroviv. It’s a great undersink system that takes up very little room. We started using it when we lived in DC—it was started by an EPA engineer who started building water filtration systems about the Flint water crisis.