Walnut Creek Preschool Recommendations

I'm about to move to Walnut Creek with my family. I'm looking for a good preschool in Walnut Creek area. I have 3 kids so affordability is important too. Any recommendations?

Parent Replies

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White Pony preschool on the Walnut Creek/Lafayette border is amazing.  My kids have been there four years and are in kindergarten now.  It is not the right fit for everyone -- it is a very kind, compassionate, spiritual, small school with a community and family feel.  They have a real emphasis on developing the emotional and spiritual well-being of children.  There is a big emphasis on the arts and nature.  I can't say enough good things about it.

Most things in Walnut Creek are not very affordable. I don't have kids in preschool yet but live in Walnut Creek and have heard good things about Kindercare and also White Pony preschool. Not sure what their rates are. 

Lafayette Nursery School is an outstanding family co operative. Many Walnut Creek families have passed through its doors.