Waitlisted #3 at Peralta what are our chances?

We just found out that we got placed 3rd on the waitlist for Peralta in the OUSD 2020 lottery. We would love for our son to go to kindergarten there this fall and are super anxious about our chance of getting in. On one hand, #3 on the waitlist sounds promising (?) but we are also aware that Peralta is a small and pretty highly impacted/sought-after school.

Does anyone have any idea what our chances of getting in might be or what the waitlist movement at Peralta is like? Any insight or information regarding this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!!!

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We’re #6 so following closely!😊

I'd say decently good!  I know a number of folks, as they prepared to start kinder in fall, re-evaluate living in such an expensive place, especially if they were renting, and moved before the school year started, to avoid that transition with their kids during elementary years.  This is also a highly-transient area, with many folks in the tech industry changing jobs every 2-3 years - you never know who will get a great offer in Seattle or Austin, or just down in Palo Alto and not want to do an East Bay-South Bay commute if they were only going to SF before.  As someone who used to work in elementary schools, I'd stay on the list past school year start too.  There are always a couple no-shows on the first week - parents who forget to close the loop of un-enrolling their child when they move, folks who got off the waitlist somewhere else, etc.