Kensington Hilltop Waitlist for 2017-2018

Hi,  Does anyone have any experience with being on the waitlist for kindergarten at kensington hilltop elem? it is our resident school and we're #7 on the list for kindergarten.


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I am fairly certain you will clear.  If, by the very slim chance you do not, they will offer you placement at Madera or Harding or one of the other El Cerrito schools, which are very good schools (and even better because they more diverse).  Also, check out the District's new Mandarin Immersion program.  If I had an incoming K, I would very seriously consider this option.  I'm genuinely sorry my kids won't have this option. 

My daughter was #4 on the waitlist for second grade. She got a spot there on the 4th day of school. It was a little stressful starting at a different school but it was worth it in the long run.