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I would like to contribute my expertise in writing and editing to an organization/cause devoted to social justice. I do not have time in my schedule to volunteer on-site or attend meetings, but I am eager to assist with projects that might need help with content development and editorial oversight.

I have considered contacting organizations singly, but the thought of doing so is overwhelming and has led to paralysis: researching organizations, finding the correct contact person, formulating my query, etc. I am hoping that members of this community might offer some suggestions. I am an avid KPFA listener and supporter, so looking to connect with some of the more "radical" and truly progressive organizations in the area. Thanks for your ideas!

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You want to go to Volunteer Match: https://www.volunteermatch.org

You create a profile with your skills, interests, etc. and they search through all the opportunities that meet your criteria. It's awesome. 

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Check out Tech for Campaigns (https://www.techforcampaigns.org/) - they put together remote teams including content people to help market progressive political candidates.

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Hi Momma-in-Oakland! I'm having an amazing time with the Coalition for Police Accountability in Oakland. Sometimes, we marvel at how much fun it is to work for such an effective organization with really good, resourceful people with a wide range of compatible skills. It's an all-volunteer organization that really gets stuff done. In 2016, CPA won MeasureLL, which created the strongest independent police oversight agency in the US. Policing in Oakland has a long and sordid history and we're working to establish equitable, just, constitutional, and transparent policing that builds the trust of the community. 

Currently, we're working to support the police commission, outreach to impacted communities, and educate on people's rights when engaging with police (including using the new commission to file complaints). We definitely have writing and editing needs (go to our website CoalitionForPoliceAccountability.com to see the help we need to improve our messaging and resources). We need help writing and editing educational and campaign materials and grants proposals and research and writing policing policies. 

It may not be what you have in mind in terms of radical, progressive local organizations but I would argue that in Oakland, demanding police accountability after 15 years of federal oversight is necessary and ensuring that our over-policed communities have a voice in shaping the future of policing is vital. You can reply to this message or contact us through the website. We're quite good at figuring out good assignments that meet the interests and skills of a volunteer. I hope you find a great, productive spot where ever you end up! anne 

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Hi my name is Sevgi Fernandez and I’m the founder of Together We Stand a nonprofit organization dedicated to dismantling racism and discrimination through advocacy, education and legislation. We are an all volunteer run organization and would love to discuss how you can help! We are currently gearing up to write a couple of grants and could really use help in that area.

my email is twstherevolution [at] yahoo.com

our website is TWSrevolution.org