Volunteering to help Seniors?

I'd been considering volunteering at a senior center or other similar location now that my kids are post- high school.  With COVID, those options are not available any more.  Does anyone have other suggestions for ways to help seniors feel less isolated in this moment?

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Here's an idea. My 92-year-old mother lives with us and she LOVES getting snail mail. She asks every day if the mail has come yet. How about sending cheery "Hello Neighbor" postcards to seniors who live near you? If they are like my mom, they will love it.  You could contact a nursing home or church or community center to see if they know of older people who need a penpal. Or maybe they'd agree to let you put up a sign in the elevator.  Also check in with Ashby Village https://ashbyvillage.org/ which is a nonprofit that assists older people to stay in their homes and has a lot of volunteer opportunities.

I second Ashby Village recommendation.  I've been volunteering with them a couple of years and in this time, they continue to have volunteers do a myriad of things to help seniors stay in their own homes, from friendly calls, shopping for them, outdoor gardening, organizing virtual events to pet walking, etc.  Many opportunities based on your interest and availability.  Visit ashbyvillage.org for more info.

So lovely that you’d like to do this. Ashby Village is amazing. Also, I actually work for a homecare agency called Senior Alternatives and we are looking for mature adults to pair up with seniors (for pay) to be a caregiver and companion. Hope you find something!