Visual Perceptual Skills Assessment, Learning Assessments

Hello Experienced Parents,

My 6yo 1st grade daughter was assessed at UCB Optometry & found to have several things including exophoria (eyes may drift differently), vergence infacility (problems with the eye teaming system), farsightedness, things up close bring blurred, spatial planning & tracking difficulty, etc! It was recommended that she get progressive lenses & return for an “abbreviated visual perceptual skills assessment” for possible vision therapy. Problem is I found the supervising optometrist a little difficult to communicate with in-person plus extremely hard to reach by phone or email through their email system (she still hasn’t answered my follow up questions 2-3 weeks later). Has anyone else dealt with this & found another better place to complete a visual perceptual skills assessment? (And if you have experience with a full assessment for learning problems including dyslexia, dyscalculia & inattention - do you know if any of the visual perceptual tests fall into a more comprehensive assessment?) I think vision is a part of her challenge but not all of it & I want to get a very good learning disability assessment beyond vision down the road (before a school district one), so any recommendations or advice about that would also be welcome. Thank you!

- M

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We had the supervisor Mark Wu at the UCB eye clinic and thought he was great.  We saw Carina Grandison for learning assessment and thought she was great.

We had a good experience with the vision therapy at UCB Optometry, and also had some testing done there. We had the full testing done through the UC Psych Dept -- (twice at different ages) -- it was helpful, and I thought the grad students did a good job of understanding how to establish the 504 set-up for a child who was both highly gifted and with significant learning differences. My suggestion is to go ahead and get the testing done for the vision therapy, because it can be very helpful.