VBAC or Csection after broken tailbone

I had an extremely long labor with my first kid about 2 years ago; many hours of pushing, failed vacuum, resulted in small tear, c-section, and broken tailbone. Just to feel sorta ok to do much  took about 4 months, but mostly the tailbone pain rather than c-section recovery. I still have lingering sacrum and low back pain. I've found wonderful professional support to manage recovery so not looking for recommendations there at the moment.

I'm fairly decided I want to choose a c-section this time to avoid possibly re-injuring my tailbone and having a long recovery, especially since I will also have a 2-year-old. I'd like to connect with other parents who had a similar injury and decided a VBAC or scheduled c-section to chat about how it went. Regrets? Things I'm not thinking of? etc. I'll be delivering at Kaiser Oakland which has an insanely high VBAC success rate.

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I didn't have the kind of complications that you did, but I tried for a VBAC after a c-section and ended up with another c-section. If I had it to do over again I would just go directly to the c-section. People will try to shame you and make you feel ashamed of not "being able" to do it "naturally" but don't let them. Labor and childbirth - even though I never made it to the pushing stage has got to be the most horrendous experiences I've ever been through. When I decided to let them do the c-section I thought to myself, well if its been this horrendous so far, how much worse could the pushing be? I didn't want to find out. And yes I had an epidural - still was vomiting from the pain both times. It is a horrendous experience. Somehow I thought the second time would "go better" since I "knew what to expect." After each C section I was up doing everything within a day, very easy recovery. Don't let anyone make you feel bad. Also, no one ever talks about this, but you don't get all stretched out from a C section, if your sex life means anything to you or your husband. 

I delivered both my kids at Kaiser Oakland, and broke my tailbone with the first kid. While I didn't end up with a c-section, I had complicated, painful birth and had to be rushed to the operating room after it, since I was bleeding and it wouldn't stop. They saved my life. I passed out and don't remember much of the whole traumatic birth, but my husband has told me what happened. I had a large tear and swelling and it hurt so much, I didn't even know my tailbone was broken for the first week. The tailbone took 11 weeks to heal.

With my second, I was impressed how prepared they were given my history. They had a whole team ready for another traumatic birth, and induced me so I'd give birth in the middle of the day with their whole team (and extra equipment) ready. I also had a lot of pain medication and epidural with the second, as the first was unmedicated. I didn't have any trouble with the second kid, and I didn't even feel my tailbone (or any other pain) until much later when the epidural was out. I may not have felt the 2nd kid arrive, but I was alert, held him right away and remember the whole thing. My tailbone didn't break the second time. I'd recommend Kaiser Oakland to anyone with a complicated history- they know what they are doing.