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Wondering if anyone has ever used Varsity Tutors before ?  It is an on-line service that I'm debating to use for my son, or if you have other great recommendations for tutors possibly in the Hayward or close by area would be great.  He is 11, and I'm considering requesting he get evaluated for ADHD, as he has a hard time getting/staying focused.  We had a hard time with distance learning, he really resists school in general, and it was very hard while working to get him to stay focused on school, so I know he is very behind.. and I'm behind in finding him some help as I've been looking for someone locally and haven't had much luck. :(  Appreciate any help and thoughts on Varsity Tutors if anyone has any experience with them as well. 

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Varsity Tutors was such a hard sell. I called for information about an AP Chemistry tutor two years ago and when I told them I would think about it, they continued to call me until I had to block their number. The feeling I got was that they were in it for the money, not to actually help kids. 

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They pressure you to lock into large blocks of tutoring before you know whether it’s a good fit. We went with Wyzant for an AP French tutor to complement a UC Scout course.  It is more flexible and less expensive, and my daughter has been happy with the tutor. It’s also much cheaper than a local in-person tutor would be. Agree about the hard-selling, too. Varsity is still calling me.