Utah- recommendation on neighborhoods for young adults

Our young adult has decided to leave CA & relocate to Utah.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations on good neighborhoods to check out to rent an apartment that are close to public transportation, hiking trails & where young adults gather are pluses.

Anything you can share about the culture in Utah would be very helpful. 


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I would have him look at Logan, UT.  It's a college town in a pretty valley northeast of SLC with access to all the outdoor activities that people go to Utah for, plus a lot of young people.  Best coffee in Utah, I might add.  It's about an hour, hour and a half from the city. Another option is St. George, in the southwest corner of the state.  Again, plenty of outdoor activities, a few small colleges, lots of young people.  It's in red rock country, basically the AZ desert, so it will get hot in the summers, about an hour from Zion Natl Park, 2 hours to Brice Canyon, 2-3 hours to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It's gorgeous down there.  Also 2 hours from Las Vegas if he wants something really different and to fly nonstop to places (LV is a major hub).  Have fun, dude.  Utah is all about the outdoors, both summer and winter.

If he has not already done so, I’d suggest he read some of the widely available information on living in Utah, especially if he is non-Mormon. You didn’t state whether or not he is Mormon, but that will be a huge factor in where he decides to live, and how his life (social and otherwise) feels to him. Utah, even SLC, is vastly different than the Bay Area. Best of luck to him. 

Sandy is awesome. That’s a suburb just south of SLC, feels like it’s really attached to the city. You’re right near amazing hiking, multiple ski resorts within a 1 hour drive, super fun active outdoorsy community, plenty of young people and also families.