urgent help about adult child involved in psi seminars

My child just turned 18 and was immediately introduced to a multi level marketing co by a trusted friend.  In addition, my child started going to psi seminars.  Within a matter of two months my child's bank account of 8k was drained and my child lost contact with family to be on a "journey".  Everyone whose seen child says child looks and acts robotic since attending these seminars.  What can we do as concerned parents?

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Sorry to hear you're going through this. Unfortunately, not much anyone can do if they are over 18. You can hire a professional intervention team to try to "de-program", but it's up to the person if they want to be in a cult, bottom line. All you can do is take care of yourselves and detach with love. Let them know you'll be there if and when they change their minds and leave it at that.

The brother of a friend was preyed upon by a cult that targeted young programmers.  The young man had loving parents who had worked hard to save money to provide for college and other opportunities.  The cult took the young man's family money and had him working for a lot of money as a programmer but he saw little of what he earned. The young man ended up on the other side of the country alienated from his family and hospitalized for psychosis.  Years later, the original "friend" from the cult came back around when the young man's father was dying.  This is an emergency and the money is the least of it.  To get your son out of danger, you've got to take time off work and get other family members and old, trusted friends  to be physically present with your son at all times.  While the person who got him into this thing may have been a friend, he is now a tool of the group that takes advantage of your son.  Of course, don't give him any money but let him live at home with you free and feed him and pay for his education if he wants that.  These groups are expert at taking advantage of young people at this very vulnerable stage of their lives. 

Have the other respondents participated in PSI Seminars? As someone who has, it is not a "cult" and has some positive merits. I met my husband at the Basic Seminar and while we no longer participate in PSI we ended up having a beautiful son and a few great friends. 

Yes. There is plenty we do not like about some of the things they teach or some of their methods. But our take away is more positive than negative.  

 Before you judge something be informed. Do your homework and research before you buy into what anyone has to say. 

Hi. I took several PSI seminars in my mid 20s. They were expensive - I probably spent about 8k- but they really helped me evaluate how I am on the world, gave me courage to make critical life changes, choose a career path, exit a bad relationship, challenge myself to do things I never thought I could etc.. I introduced several others to PSI and they had positive experiences too.