Urban School in San Francisco- East Bay Experiences?

My daughter is applying to several high schools, but loves the Urban School in San Francisco. We love the school, too, but our biggest concern is the commute. Are there any east bay families out there whose child went to Urban? Could you please share your experiences with commute, how they liked the school, how hard their social life was being in the East Bay, and overall satisfaction with your/their decision to pick Urban? Our daughter also applied to Lick-Wilmerding, Drew, and two east bay schools. Any comparisons to Lick and Drew are welcome as well. We'll be hearing if she was accepted on Friday, March 22, 2019, so timely responses welcome!

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We live in Berkeley, and my daughter graduated from The Urban School two years ago.  The commute was actually fine.  At the time, there were carpools from North Berkeley and South Berkeley/North Oakland.  The carpools worked well.  I would be happy to discuss the academics and social life.  Feel free to contact me, karenzukor [at] gmail.com.

My daughter is a current junior at Urban and we love the school.  The commute is real -- she is in a teacher carpool with 2 other students in the morning, and takes the shuttle to BART at the end of the day -- but worth it.  Happy to get into more detail, feel free to contact me:  LHanson111 [at] gmail.com