Updates after enrollment completion for incoming kindegartener?

After completing enrollment registration online for kindergarten, what kind of information do you receive from the school and when?

We're trying to figure out:

  • When does the before/after-school care starts (1st day of school? September?)
  • What's recommended for the school supply list?
  • Is there a new student orientation? If so, when is it?
  • In terms of the health forms, are they due on the first day of school? (Our kiddo's check-up is a few weeks after school starts.)
  • What if you can't register on the registration dates--can you register on the first day of school? If so, what time would you show up?


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You don't mention which district, but your first steps should be to call the school and check the school website. In Oakland, you do need to register on time or call to let the school know that you won't make the registration day. School supply lists and afterschool programs also vary by school so you'll need specific information; same for orientation or summer kindergarten play dates. Some OUSD schools had registration for after school programs in the spring and are already full; others always have space. This may vary based on the district, though. Health forms are due before school starts, so you'll either need to move your appointment or have your doctor's office fill out the form based on a prior visit. (Generally as long as the doctor has seen your child in the last year, they can fill out the form at any point.) 

Which school district? I'm in WCCUSD and we were sent this info in a letter directly from the school. We had to provide all the health forms during registration, which was in January. Orientation is the day before school. 

This is our experience with OUSD:

-Before/after care is available the first day of school.  However, sign ups for the program tend to occur in the Spring before the school year begins.  Enrollment is often very competitive and space is not guaranteed.

-If specific supplies are needed, a list will be sent home.  Sometimes the school is able to provide the supplies.

-New student orientation will be school specific.  I recommend calling the school office.  They may not open until a week or so before school starts.

-Health forms with immunizations are due before school starts and your child will not be admitted to attend class without the forms on file.

-There is likely to be a long line at the school office on the first day of school.  I would find out when the office opens and show up then. Be prepared to wait.