Updated feedback on Crowden?


I'm looking for updated perspectives about Crowden for our music loving family. What do you/your child love? What could be better? How competitive is it once you're in? Do kids hang out/develop friendships with classmates outside of school? Do kids feel like they can make friends easily? How well does staff deal with social emotional issues? Are different genres of music other than classical music appreciated and taught? Thank you for your time!

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Crowden is a wonderful place for the kids. My son really enjoyed his time there from 6th grade to 9th grade. It is hard to find a middle school that kids would miss and want to go back and visit--Crowden is the exception. My son is still in touch with many kids from Crowden, even though he is a rising junior in high school now. Every kid is different, therefore there is no guarantee that Crowden would be a good fit for your child, nevertheless, we found the teachers to be very supportive and classmates to be caring. And we continue to join Crowden's community music programs every year. Yes, it is an academically rigorous program, on top of daily classical music training, so the workload could be heavy if your child is ambitious.

8/28/2021 update:

The Crowden School has recently fired its beloved principal who has been teaching there for 25 years. The whole school is falling apart with teachers quitting left and right. Thus I rescind my recommendation and will not be recommending Crowden School to anyone anymore.