Unique & kid friendly activities in the Russian River Area

Hi There, We're getting married in the fall and I'm making a list of things for all of our visitors from all over the world to do. I would love to hear about your favorite unique and or kid-friendly things to do in the Bay and Russian River/ Guerneville area. Nature, museums, wine, restaurants. Thank you!

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My kids enjoyed Fort Ross (http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=449) and canoeing down the Russian River (you basically float down with a little steering and then they bus you back - we've done it with preschoolers on board, as long as they can swim - https://www.sunset.com/travel/outdoor-adventure/russian-river-canoe). Should be a beautiful spot for a wedding - congrats!

Children's Museum in Santa Rosa can make up a fun day full of activities. It is also near the Charles Schultz museum and Snoopys ice arena. 

There are a lot of things to do at the Russian River -- wine tasting on Westside Road between Forestville and Healdsburg (tons of awesome small wineries, like Moshin, with lovely tasting rooms and views), hiking in Armstrong Woods State Park (old growth redwoods!), the new Jenner Headlands Preserve, which has some of the most amazing ocean views you'll ever see, and of course canoeing or kayaking on the Russian River! Plus, downtown Guerneville now has a lot of great restaurants.

Hi! I grew up in Sonoma County and one fun thing that I've noticed that they have (now) up there is a zip line place! I think it's just over the bridge in Guerneville or perhaps down 116, closer to Forestville. This is a *new* feature to the area, so I haven't checked it out yet myself, since moving to Oakland. But I've heard it's a blast!

In Forestville you can rent a canoe at Burke's and canoe downstream 11 miles to Guerneville, where they pick you up and drive you back to your car! We always make a day of it, with a cooler full of beverages and a picnic lunch. Depending on how early in the fall you go... It might still be a good temperature for swimming! 

In Occidental, there's a "new" little restaurant (called Pearl, I think...?) started by some Oakland transplants! That might be fun to check out, especially if that little spa (Oasis, I think it's called...?) is still in business. My wife and I went up there years ago for a relaxing spa day and it was sublime... I'm feeling more relaxed just thinking about it. And they used to have an insanely cute little "general store" that makes you feel like you went back in time. Ahhh.

Be sure to also check our Armstrong Woods and the amazing Redwood trees there!

Lastly, our family likes to drive up to Sebastopol and take a bike ride on their long path. I think that now they've made it connect all the way over in Santa Rosa, so some people pick it up there. We usually park at the community center and take it all the way to Forestville! It's a really easy ride- flat and fun! When you get to the tiny town of Graton there're some blackberry bushes that you can take advantage of too, right off the trail! We often bring empty containers and come home to make blackberry pie, once back in Oakland.  

Have fun! It's a great area.